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These guys were very efficient, detail oriented and on time. They were able to remove all the junks in our home.

Joseph, 32, Alberta

Truly an outstanding, affordable and satisfying junk removal service! Would surely recommend them!

Patty, 23, Hamilton

The best professional junk removal company in Canada! The previous junk removal company that I hired gave a horrendous and bad service. But this removal company is different and very good. They were able to remove and dispose anything from old refrigerator to our old cabinets with ease. A truly professional and reliable removal company. 10/10 for them.

Lisa, 25, Barrie

What an amazing job Metropolitan Junk team did in removing and disposing our junks. They were able to clean up every junk in our house from the attic, garage, to the garden and even in our backyard which is full of mess and dirt. The crew were very courteous and considerate as well. They gave us clean and clear quotes immediately. I would surely recommend them to my friends and families. Two thumbs up!

Carol, 34, Calgary

These guys are the best in the business when it comes to junk removal. The guys who went to our house were very professional and friendly. They were nothing but efficient workers. They were able to remove the junks that I wanted to be removed and what I love about their junk removal services is that they make sure they recycle or donate it to charity afterwards. Reliable, professional and a great service, there is nothing more to say about this company!

Brian, 40, Toronto

Came to my house gave me a free quote, came back a day after and did a great job. Even reduced $40 from the original quote because it took less time then they anticipated.

George, North York

Same Day Junk Removal, it was fast, easy and very professional. We had so much Garbage in the Garage, we never thought it will be so cheap to get rid of everything

Cris, Burlington

Hey People, Great work ! Thank you ! We were so worried it will cost over $1,000 to get rid of all the Garbage in our basement and garage, it cost u only $570! We were so happy that gave $130 Tip to your guys.

Angela and Paul, Toronto

Your Junk Removal Guys BEST, very professional and nice, I really never seen so many safety tools in a simple Junk Removal. Roger and Stefanie, Richmond Hill Hey, Solid work, exactly what we needed.

Sergey, Aurora