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Metropolitan Junk in Calgary

Keeping old stuff that are, now, useless (although it means to us before) is common to everyone. This stuff is usually kept in storage areas and as time passes, these stuff becomes junk. In less than 6 months, you would probably have piles of unwanted stuff that you want to get rid of it. Cleaning, segregating, and removing this junks isn't as easy as we think. Disposal of this junk is to be considered. We canít just leave them anywhere and most states have junk removal rules. With that, we seriously need a junk removal company to free your home from this junks and other debris as well. Calgary Junk Removal has been in service for more than two decades. We have full services for residential and commercial business. We are a licensed and insured company with customer's satisfaction as our goal, as always. We have essential equipment necessary for any junks to be removed. We also have different trucks for any locations and size of junks. We aim to be at your service as quick as possible and end the job successfully. We even broom sweep the area to make sure you wonít be doing secondary cleaning after our services. Customer satisfaction is always in line with our services. We are proud and thankful for all the compliments we have received from out satisfied customers. So talk to us now and we are ready to free your premises from all garbage, trash, waste and junks you donít want to see.

junk removal calgary